Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Geting it done!

Quick Blurb:

Day 22. Twenty-two days of working out non stop for the first time in well over a year. I let life's obstacles get in the way of being healthy and fit. Twenty-three days ago I finally cracked. I realized I needed to do something to get myself back on track and on track I am.

I've happily lost 9 pounds in 22 days and will be losing more. I've rowed over 110000 meters, and cycled 220 miles. I'm feeling better now than I have in over a year, I'm enjoying my personal punishment. I was blessed with a high endurance and stamina and I let it go to waste. But, now I'm reclaiming my health, my fitness and my life. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Indoor Rowing-ERGs

I had a gentleman at the gym yesterday ask me about rowing, settings on the damper and overall form. Rowing is a great workout but you need to remember to take it easy on the machine. If you're on a Concept2 machine, the damper doesn't really need to be set all the way up. If you're looking for a good cardio workout, you really only need to set it some where between 3-5. Anything higher and you run the risk of hurting your back or not being able to go as long as you like to get a good cardio workout in. So, to help those out there that think rowing would be a good cross trainer or for those looking to row in general, check out Concept2's training web page http://www.concept2.com/us/training/gettingstarted.asp. Remember, get your form first and then work on your intensity. Good Luck!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dean Karnazes

Just a quick blurb, before I headed off to the gym today for day 8, I saw that Dean Karnazes posted an announcement. Simply put, he is going to run across America. He'll start at Disney Land and make his way to the studio of Regis and Kelly in New York. Total mileage planned, about 3000. Total days planned to do it in, 75 or so.

For those that have the fortune of being near his planned route, which you can check out at the website http://www.dadt.com/live/special/runacrossamerica/index.html , I would encourage you to run a few miles or more with him. I'm planning to meet up with him somewhere around D.C. He's an amazing athlete and a great inspiration to those that have the privilege to meet him.

Also, the overall event coordinators seem to be hinting at planning various 5K races along the route. The proceeds from this amazing endeavor go to benefit Action For Healthy Kids, an organization dedicated to fighting childhood obesity.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Time to restart...

All over the internet I find stories about people setting goals, persevering and coming out on top. From friends I know on Facebook posting their work out successes to amazing stories like this, I find it hard not to get motivated.

When I started this blog so long ago, life was much more stable but just as soon as I had started it, life went spinning out of control. I've lived in three different states and four different homes since. Injuries and life in general crept up on me till I had forgotten to take care of myself. I remember days almost ten years ago where I ran over 15 miles every day. I remember days, more recently, where I haven't ran for month's, almost a year...

Seven days ago I set out to motivate myself and finally make no more excuses. I wrote up a note on Facebook, tagged about 20 or so of my friends, and set out my small task before them. Here is what I wrote:

I've decided that I need to get up off my rump, get back in to shape and actually do what I really enjoy, Run. Running and being in shape have always worked to reinforce a positive attitude towards oppositions in my life and have aided me in accomplishing my day to day tasks by helping me stay focused. Granted, at times I have found myself thinking of the next big upcoming race or where I plan to run my next trail at, both distracting me temporarily from my work. But, these distractions only served to put to a smile on my face and help me to finish my day's endeavors merrily and efficiently thus allowing me to get out there and run sooner. Running was, is and always will be a major part of what makes me me. All of my friends know me as an avid runner, and loony in some cases for some of the things I've done. My friends have taught me that running is not only addictive for the person running but also passes via contact highs, subsequently aiding in running addictions in persons who thought running was only for crazies. My running seems to have positive effects on those around me and I like the me I become when I'm actively pursuing a running goal. So, with that being said, I have realize I've let myself get to a place physically that I never thought I would, out of shape completely... I plan to use the next 45 days to remind me of how great it feels to be in shape and to be healthy by showing myself just how out of shape I've gotten. I know there are plenty of more sane ways to get in to shape than to obsessively row one's self in to oblivion but then if I did those, it wouldn't be a me thing. lol

To start, I need to make a commitment to myself to get back in the shape I need to be. That officially starts today, February 1st. My goal and promise to myself, and whoever reads this, is to Row every other day no less than 10Km and to cycle no less than 20 miles on the days I don't row. My goal is to do this for 45 days. I plan to weigh myself this afternoon/evening at the Gym and post it here as a comment. Out of personal curiosity, I want to see how many pounds I lose in the next 45 days. I will take pictures of the digital read outs on the machines for accountability purposes and weigh myself weekly. I was always taught that it takes doing something consistently for 21 days to make it a habit. Ultimately that is my goal. To make it a habit to feel good, work out daily and to make excuses for why I should be doing it as opposed to why I should take a day off that turns in to a year. Another good thing I was taught, if you make your goals, dreams and aspirations known to the world, the world will hold you accountable. With the world watching, you'll either accomplish your goals or a part of you will die trying.

To this end, I'm going to use this blog for what it was meant to be, a Journal of my endeavors.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Loop Trail Race

I've been meaning to write about this, so now is a good a time as any.

Didn't do too well at the "The Loop". I'm a stubborn person with a high tolerance for pain and it was tested a little over a week ago. I arrived at the race just a little late but with enough time to get the zip tie for my timing chip and hear the race starter announce "Thirty Seconds till go time!" I like to think I set a new land speed record for putting a timing chip on a shoe. I was standing by the volunteer booth right next to the start, looked up, after setting my new record, and "Bang" the race started. Now if you have yet to have the privilege of running a trail allow me to inform you that if you consider yourself an above average time maker that it is very smart of you to be near the front at the start. I consider myself a slightly above average runner and ended up starting near the back of 214 runners. All of which were trying to squeeze in to a trail area, at times, barely wide enough for one person yet alone people in need of passing. So, I spent the better part of the first 2 miles trying to pass people and get by. Thankfully, runners are a completely different breed of people, very courteous and often considerate of fellow competitors.

I had a goal when I started the race of finishing under 50 minutes and after making some progress through the crowd, I was fairly confident it was going to happen. Shortly after mile 3, I met my arch nemesis Twisted Ankle, only slightly related and less painful than Twisted Sister the '80's hair band. That slowed me down considerably. So much that some of the 30k runners, who had a 30 minute head start, lapped me on the course. I finished the race in 1:03:35. Still a respectable overall time. Gives me something to shoot for on the next trail race. Semper Admotio Porro.

On to the course. The course was fabulous. This is the only time of the year that this particular section is open to foot traffic. Any other time of the year, it's used as a Dirt Bike hill country excursion area. We ran up and down hills numerous times, saw some beautiful Hill Country scenery in Emma Long Metropolitan Park (http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/parks/emmalong.htm), were challenged as trail runners on some tough terrain and, overall, had an enjoyable experience in Austin yet again. I highly recommend this race to anyone with a passion for running or a desire to start.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Texas Trail Series, Second Race

This Sunday up in Austin I will be running in the second race of the "Rogue/Vasque Trail Series Trial Run races in Austin, Texas." I participated in the initial race called "The Maze" about a month ago and it was a blast! It lives up to it's name. They have a 10k loop that zigs and zags every which imaginable. Thankfully, the course is extremely well marked and so were the places you shouldn't be going. The second race, aptly called "The Loop" is said to be the hardest in the three race series. I'm looking forward to the challenge on Sunday. My goal at the moment is to finish in under 52 minutes and to have a blast. I plan to camp in the park the night before, if spots are available, and spend the day Saturday up in Austin relaxing, maybe even going for a swim in Barton's Creek. If you're ever in Austin, lookup http://www.roguequipment.com/ for some good equipment and training! They the official host of the race. Also, if you read this in time, sign up for the third race!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The intro.

So, for anyone that might actually read this, let me start by saying that I'm a huge fan of Dean Karnazes, http://www.ultramarathonman.com/flash/ and Steve Prefontaine http://www.stevepre.com/ . If you don't know these two names I hope that you take your time to look at what they have done and that during your endeavors as a runner or in your happenings in life that these two men might be able to inspire you to new heights.

The reason why I started this blog was to right about my happenings and the things I learn while inspiring to be a better runner. By being a better runner, I don't just mean that I want to be a faster, more competitive runner alone. I hope that I can share my mistakes, my knowledge and the wisdom I've gained from other great runners, athletes and anyone else that I might find inspiration from with whom ever might be interested. If you happen to have tidbits of knowledge to share, please do. If you have questions, ask. If you have comments, feel free to make them.

At present, I am in San Antonio, Texas. I have been running competitively, off and on, since the 7th grade. About 13 years. I will never claim to be the smartest, fastest (I wouldn't mind though), best or greatest. I simply want to share my experiences and inspire others to do the same. I spent 5 years in the Marine Corps, straight out of High School. Over the last year, I've just gotten back in to the spirit of racing. I'll run anything from a 5k race on off weekends to full marathons and hopefully very soon Ultras. My goal is to find and run a race every weekend. Currently, I've been running in a lot of 10k races and getting my times steadily faster. Right now, my fastest time is around 46 minutes for a 10k. I ran much faster 6 yrs ago but I also know I can run much faster now with proper training.

I'll try to come on and write about once a week if not more. I would like to share my race day experiences with people and maybe recommend some good races wherever it might be that I run.

Thanks for stopping by.